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Web fonts

A link with very nicely listed webfonts:

Responsive table

Can a web page still use table for layout? How can one create a responsive table? Se this web page: - simple and nice design. I know this site for years and still looks good, only html table layout. After I see it again I try it on a small screen and looks [...]

Responsive web design

It is a must now to have a website looking good on any computer, smart phone or tablet. But which tool or framework is the best. My guess is none of them. The workflow have to be like that: 1. Understand what is offering 2. Pic one or two 3. Adapt them to your needs You can start from [...]

Is Aptana the best editor?

If you are a web developer Aptana studio is one of the best choice of a text editor. From Notepad++ to Aptana is a big step to take, but with a lot of of features can make the life of a developer much easier. I'm in search of a good editor and in the next few weeks I tray to answer this questi [...]

First post

For the first post I like to say what is all about this blog. Basically will be about all sorts of thing, primary open source software like linux, gimp, blender, scribus, inkscape [those in the graphic design], after that will be about web technologies like html, css, java script, php, cms, seco [...]



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