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GIMP - jpg quality

How we can save for web? Most of us works with jpg file, are the best in terms of size/quality and all the cameras save the file in this format. My camera is set to save fine jpg and that translate in 98 quality in Gimp. If I keep all original setting when I save the image bellow is 128K. [...]

Inkscape I

What is Inkscape? Inkscape is a vector drawing program. You can create all sorts of graphic illustration, into a very efficient way - you can go back and correct or modifies every line you draw. It is a kind of procedural drawing. Download it from and take a look here [...]

GIMP - perspective tool

A very used tool in gimp is the perspective tool. Here in four steps you can make an image look much better. I am using this tool for many architectural photographs. 1.Load your image that need perspective correction and click on perspective tool. 2.Click and drag from a corner of the image [...]

Ubuntu font

If you are looking for an interesting font for your documents Ubuntu font it may be a good choice. The development was founded by Canonical [the company behind the Ububtu Linux] and design by Dalton Maag,  the same who designed fonts for BMW, Nokia and McDonald's is a fine piece to your [...]

Responsive web design

It is a must now to have a website looking good on any computer, smart phone or tablet. But which tool or framework is the best. My guess is none of them. The workflow have to be like that: 1. Understand what is offering 2. Pic one or two 3. Adapt them to your needs You can start from [...]

Is Aptana the best editor?

If you are a web developer Aptana studio is one of the best choice of a text editor. From Notepad++ to Aptana is a big step to take, but with a lot of of features can make the life of a developer much easier. I'm in search of a good editor and in the next few weeks I tray to answer this questi [...]

Introduction to GIMP

GIMP is an image editing software very similar to Photoshop. You can  install it on windows, linux or mac - it's open source. We will look a bit at the interface and will resize an image. After you install Gimp go to File > Open and open one of your image. The [...]

First post

For the first post I like to say what is all about this blog. Basically will be about all sorts of thing, primary open source software like linux, gimp, blender, scribus, inkscape [those in the graphic design], after that will be about web technologies like html, css, java script, php, cms, seco [...]



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