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Blender to 3ds Max

In blender : File > Export > Wavefront(.obj) -Selection Only -Write Materials -Yforward -Zup Scale:39.37 In Max: File > Import > gw::OBJ-Importer(*.OBJ) -Object scale:1.00 -Import Materials

Blender Velvet Revolver – Proxy editing

Blender video Editing

Save blender render from multiple cameras

Saving the blender render after its finish is a little more complicated that saving a animation frame. But you can do exactly that with a single render - consider it a one frame animation. But if I have multiple cameras to render over night and save them - you can do the same but for every fra [...]

Make Blender 2.73 render on CUDA cards

Look like there are some changes in the blender library that make it stop works on my CUDA cards. So i just copy all the CUDA lib file from Blender 2.72 to Blender 2.73 and look like works now[more test needed]. Here is the location of the lib: \blender-2.73a-windows64\2.73\scripts\addons\cy [...]



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