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Setting in blender for Start Up file

Every new version of Blender have its own preference file settings. Here is the settings I made to my needs:

1.Star blender and go File>User Preferences

2.Interface:Time CodeStyle: SMPTE(Compact)/ Disable Show Splash

3.Input tab: Select With: Left/ Emulate Numpad

4.Go 3dView and open Rotate Vew-select Alt and Move View-deselect Shift to have the Rotate Alt+Middle click and Move just Middle click

5.Add-ons: 3D View:Dynamic Spacebar Menu/Import-Export:Import Images as Planes/

6.Themes tab:3d View:Grid 0.6/Gradient High/Off:0.5

7.Files tab: Set your own Temp folder !Important! [I have mine on C:\TMP\], Select Show Thumbnails

8.Select Compute Device:CUDA for gpu rendering, Colour Picker Type: Square(SV+H)

9.From Top menu bar select Cycles Render

10.To set Imperial units  press N in 3d View Window , do Display set 12 subdivisions;  in Properties Window>Scene>Imerials>Separeae Units

11.Ctrl+U to save all your settings

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