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Save blender render from multiple cameras

Saving the blender render after its finish is a little more complicated that saving a animation frame.

But you can do exactly that with a single render - consider it a one frame animation.

But if I have multiple cameras to render over night and save them - you can do the same but for every frame bind a camera to a marker:

1. Go to frame 1

2. Name a camera to Camera1, select it and Ctrl+0

3.In Timeline Window press M key to add a marker and Ctrl+B to bind Camera1 to Marker 1

...Repear 1,2,3 for every camera

4.Set the animation as long as the number of markers you have [or cameras]

5.In Render Pane>Output enter location and file name [ex:png] and file type, ex: //camera [will render in the same folder as the file as camera001.png, camera002.png etc

6.Press Animation. Wait for render. DONE.

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