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GIMP - image sharpening with high pass filter

High pass filter is a easy and effective mode to sharpen an image. Yes there is Unsharp Mask... filter which in spite of its name is sharpening the image [you can find under Filters>Enhance>Unsharp Mask...] but what I like about High Pass Filter is that is a non destructive filter - create a new layer for the sharpening effect.

First this filter is not into your GIMP install and have to be downloaded separately from here:

What you just downloades is a .scm type of file and placed into the scripts folder:

program Files>GIMP 2>share>gimp>2.0>scripts

If you have GIMP running go to Filters>Scripts-Fu>Refresh Scripts to get the filters in your menu.

The process of sharpening is simple just by 2 steps:

1.Activate the filter from Filters>Generic>High Pass Filter. It will create a new  almost monochrome layer of your image

2.In the Layers Mode change normal with Hard Light from pull down menu.

Unsharp Image:

After the High Pass filter: 

If you fell the effest is too strong insted of Hard lighr layer mode you can choose Soft light.



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