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CinePaint 1.0-4 screenshots

CinePaint is 8, 16, 32 bit paint software. The unique thing about CinePaint is that can be used as flipbook and edit a long series of images - I do not know that Photoshop can do that.

Probably GIMP in the next version [2.10] will be able to edit 16 and 32 bit deep images but flipbook feature in CinePaint make it better when you have a long series of images to edit.


I install CinePaint on CentOS under VirtualBox as per Robin Rowe instructions:


Few marks about installing VirtualBox and CentOS:

-After installing VirtualBox and creating a new virtual machine you get an error check your bios and allow for virtualization.

- after you install  minimal iso of CentOS (make sure is 32 bit version) you need to install more stuff and edit some configuration files with vi text editor. Well you have to know few tricks to be able to work with vi:

          A. Press i to go in insert mode and change the text.

          B. press Esc and : [colon] to go in command mode and press wq to save and exit.


Another glitch I had was with the installation of  one of the libraries needed for CinePaint - libfltk.

I can't install it with #yum install not even after  I added rpmforge as additional repositories.  I  found a package over the internet and installed through Firefox.  Well, not sure this libraries is installed properly on my system and maybe this is the reason the CinePaint did not work properly but I manage to start it and get some screen shots.


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