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Is Aptana the best editor?

If you are a web developer Aptana studio is one of the best choice of a text editor. From Notepad++ to Aptana is a big step to take, but with a lot of of features can make the life of a developer much easier. I'm in search of a good editor and in the next few weeks I tray to answer this question- is Aptana studio the best editor?

The download size is way bigger than any text editor I have it so far and from the first impression is worth it.

You can find Aptana Studio here:

To create a new web project File>New>Web Project

You can have the project in the default location or choose your own.

So what really happen is Aptana create an folder with the provided name as your project . In this folder you create all the files necessary for the project.

If happens to have already an folder for your project just perform an import File>Import...

To create a new file File>File and start working


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