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GIMP - jpg quality

How we can save for web? Most of us works with jpg file, are the best in terms of size/quality and all the cameras save the file in this format. My camera is set to save fine jpg and that translate in 98 quality in Gimp. If I keep all original setting when I save the image bellow is 128K. [...]

Eye resolution

I know my camera resolution but What is my eye resolution [or rather the human eye resolution]? My digital camera resolution is 6 megapixels. What that mean? The size of the image that camera takes is created basically by the sensor inside the camera. A digital camera create a 2d image made of [...]

Inkscape I

What is Inkscape? Inkscape is a vector drawing program. You can create all sorts of graphic illustration, into a very efficient way - you can go back and correct or modifies every line you draw. It is a kind of procedural drawing. Download it from and take a look here [...]

GIMP - perspective tool

A very used tool in gimp is the perspective tool. Here in four steps you can make an image look much better. I am using this tool for many architectural photographs. 1.Load your image that need perspective correction and click on perspective tool. 2.Click and drag from a corner of the image [...]



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