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Famous type designers in history

Famous type designers in history WILLIAM CASLON -Caslon GIAMBATTISTA BODONI - Bodoni PAUL RENNER - Futura MAX MIEDINGER - Helvetica ADRIAN FRUTIGER - Frutiger  

Web fonts

A link with very nicely listed webfonts:

Create uniform lightness of a image

Removing gradients or uneven lightness of an image specially to use it as a map is easy using Hard light layer mode in Photoshop or Gimp. Steps using Gimp: 1.Duplicate the layer 2.On top layer go Filters.Blur.Gaussian Blur  Here use a value depending of image size and map details [...]

Copyright year

How to put a current year on a web page html:     &copy; <span id="spanYear"></span> java script:    <script type="text/javascript">          var year = new Date();          do [...]

IRIS astrophothography tips

IRIS astrophothography tips   Reducing noise with staking is invers proprtional of square root of number of images, for 4 images, you reduce noise by 1/2, for 9 image is 1/3 etc   Some useful command lines: SAVE name       // save pic/fit file in working director [...]



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